「School-based Gifted Development Programs 2019」-English Day Camp
日期: 2019-07-12 (星期五)
活動類別: 學術活動
The English Day Camp was designed to enhance learners’ English. The main activity was a drama, which learners were to act out. Prior to this, a range of skills were practiced, including reading and notably writing. Learners formed groups and chose a story from a range of fairy tales offered. They work collaboratively and re-write one of the traditional fairy tales into a modern version. Learners were very enthusiastic and engaged in all tasks in the session. The range of scripts generated and the acting were positive. Learners demonstrated that they understood the learning objectives. The tasks were open ended and were able to stretch both beginners and upper ability students. The English Day Camp was a great success, and left students feeling very positive about their language learning experience.
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